Terms & Conditions for Evaporative Cooler & Gas Heating Servicing

Thank you for choosing All Skills Evaporative and Gas.

When servicing your evaporative cooler all love and care are taken from highly trained skilled and passionate technicians.

If parts fail during servicing, we are not liable to fix them at our expense however we are very reasonable and would like to remedy the problem as cheaply as possible.

Consumers need to understand that evaporative coolers have components that have a working life and can fail at any time.

A service is a thorough clean and inspection only.

We aren’t refurbishing your cooler and we are not liable to return for free if your cooler fails in the future if parts are working on the day and we haven’t recommended replacing anything that’s because we are honest.

Servicing your cooler doesn’t come with a crystal ball telling us how long your parts are going to last so please don’t say you should pick this up during the service, because if we did we would sell you a new part on the day, yeah?

We ask that after a service you run the cooler for one (1) hour after, this allows the anti-bacterial treatment to work and it also ensures we left it working.

We will return within seven (7) working days if your cooler fails free of charge in good faith. After seven (7) days standard call-out rates apply.

We do not service coolers under 5 years old or still under warranty; we reserve the right to do this. you will be asked the age of the cooler before a booking is made.

If we attend your property and you got it wrong we will not service your cooler and the minimum call out in all fairness is $110 dollars.

If we attend a service call and parts are required and you choose not to use us the minimum call-out is $110 dollars.

If a new cooler is needed the minimum call-out is still $110 dollars.

Please be fair and reasonable to our technicians and all skills as a company.

There are costs in running a business and getting a technician to your door and $110 as a minimum is more than fair.

We are under no obligation to come out for free.

For further information, please contact us at info.allskills@gmail.com