Replacing your old evaporative cooler? Check out these tips

How to find the right evaporative cooler for your home in Perth WA

We’ve made a quick video on evaporative cooler replacement, and more importantly, how to choose the right evaporative air conditioning unit for your home.

When we come across an evaporative aircon that is more than 15 years old, which will cost more than AUD$1000 to repair, we generally suggest replacing your cooler.

When this happens, you may go to a range of places and you will be bombarded with a lot of information about why they are the best, why you should invest and why you should avoid other brands. To be perfectly honest – evaporative cooling works exactly the same.

When finding the right cooler for your home, we look at three things. The efficiency, the simplicity of the unit and trying to get longevity from your unit.

Keep watching to find out more!

Evaporative air conditioner replacement/upgrades and installation is on our menu of services, to find out more head on over to our evaporative cooling upgrades page.

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Full transcript and video captioning will be available soon.